Drowning in Bills? Renegotiate your Monthly Bills

Right now, you may be pouring over your budget trying to cut expenses. You’re probably taking an especially hard look at the bills that are the same amount month after month. You might be surprised to find out that it could be possible to lower those bills by doing a little bit of negotiating.

Home Entertainment
TV service providers are often willing to negotiate. Particularly if you’ve been a longtime customer, you may be able to lower your monthly bill merely by calling and asking if you’re eligible for any discounts. The available discounts might be higher if you are able to switch to a lower tier of service, or commit to a contract of one year or more. It could also help if you’ve explored your other options — your existing provider may lower your bill to match an offer from another provider.


As with TV service, internet providers will frequently negotiate with customers. It can help to do research beforehand to see what offers you can get from other companies before you make the call to your current provider. Don’t forget about wireless services and other newer options in your area. Keep in mind that your best option for a discount may be switching either your TV or internet service so that you’re receiving both from the same company.

Car Insurance

It may even be possible to negotiate a lower auto insurance bill. Your current insurance company will usually be willing to review your coverage with you to make sure you’re not paying for more than you need, even if it’s just because you’re currently driving fewer miles than usual. It might also be worth checking premium quotes from other insurance companies, which you can do with an online tool.